Question about 譚詠麟.COM


Question about 譚詠麟.COM

文章sotmuu » 2011-09-10, 22:32

Hi everyone, i am not very good at reading chinese so need a little help here.
Long ago i had a registered account at 譚詠麟.COM. I didnt log in for quite sometime and when i go back there i could no longer post in that forum/register a new account there. When i log in using my old account it says:

管理員設置了新註冊用戶需要人工驗證,您的帳號已提交過 次驗證請求,目前尚未通過驗證。
當前狀態 : 等待管理人員進行審核

may i know what it means and how can i post in that forum now/ register a new account there?

really missed the good old time of that forum alot.

my old member name there was: gallant77
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註冊時間: 2011-09-09, 00:24

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