DOs and Don'ts after your show 3 hours ago in shanghai


DOs and Don'ts after your show 3 hours ago in shanghai

文章Lillie » 2011-01-16, 02:15

Dear Alan, I am your big fan, and I am strategic business woman, therefore I have to say the following to you:
1. Stay with what you are good at, especially you are so good at, you will be popular for generations and be as popular as you were 15 years ago, you can see the old singers in the world are still the best and they have second success by singer the best songs they created 15-20 years ago.
2.only 2 mandarin songs each concert, it is not you competitive advantage, the music, your voice and hk pronanciation talk for itself, make you so unique and unbeatable, you are the king because of it, so use it.
3. Only 1 new songs each concert, and repeat the best songs that brought you success and love. Do not try too much new, there are new stars there to innovate new, but you are you, special and unique,so please be YOU, WHAT MADE YOU SUCCESSFUL 15 YERS AGO WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESS FOR EVER
All the best, if you keep sing the old songs, you will have your unforgettable second spring and forever for generations. The mandarin brought you down and ununique.
You sang good, very good tonight, people got crazy when you sang in Cantonese and your best songs, it should show you the sign and direction. You can do solo forever. Because you are you, you were you! All the best, I hope you have chance to read this, I wrote those with my iphone , not easy. I need to go to sleep now.
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